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Greatest Cycling Climbs #42 - Jackson Bridge
West Yorkshire was proving rich pickings for hill climbing - queue the ride out of Jackson Bridge. Full Article »

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Time-trialling is not for the faint hearted
As the professional riders disappeared, bikebritain lined up on the start line at Harewood House ready for a first attempt at a time-trial.... Full Article »

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Ortlieb ‘Classic’ Panniers & Topeak Bike Rack
If you are buying Panniers, Ortlieb are the standard to which others are tested to. Why is this? Full Article »

Cycling Heroes

British Cycling Heroes - Sean Yates
Sean Yates is Team Sky's Senior Sports Director. He's also one of four Brits to have worn the Yellow Jersey. Here's his story..... Full Article »

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What is it like riding around a Velodrome?
A few weeks ago bikebritain and Frank spent 90 minutes cycling round in a circle at Calshott velodrome. Here’s how it went……. Full Article »

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Cycle Oregon 2014
Added: 30 Sep '14
Greenhow Hill Gallop
Added: 12 Aug '14
Mam Tor Toil
Added: 3 Aug '14
Essex Explorer
Added: 19 Jun '14
Groombridge Gambit (Greatest Cycling Climbs #115)
Added: 21 May '14

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